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Oregon Election Results

Ballots have been counted and the 2020 elections will result in many new legislators, but very little change in Salem’s partisan balance. House Republicans gained two Coastal districts, but lost a Bend district -- resulting in a 37-23 Democratic House majority. Senate Republicans also gained a Coastal district, but lost a Salem area district -- resulting in another 18-12 Democratic Senate majority.

Democrats retained their 3/5 majorities in both chambers (required for raising new revenue), but did not attain a 2/3 majority (required for meeting quorum requirements). Secretary of State-elect Shemia Fagan won her first term while Treasurer Tobias Read and Attorney General were re-elected.

All four statewide ballot measures passed, which is a historical rarity. Measure 107 enables the Legislature to set campaign finance limits. Measure 108 funds critical health care investments through increased tobacco taxes. Measure 109 permits psilocybin mushrooms. Measure 110 decriminalizes some drug possession and increases addiction recovery services -- but takes marijuana tax money away from other important services that need it. Expect legislative action on fixes to at least Measure 110.


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